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Are you a person with disability who wants to strengthen your voice and use it to make changes for yourself and for other people with disability?

We are a diverse group. We all have different experiences of the same condition, different histories, different stories to tell, different politics, philosophies, and gender identities.
Just as diverse as the of the community who do not
identify with a disability.
That’s why DVT needs you.
And you need DVT.
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Launching in early 2023, this project builds on the successful pilot project in 2021 where a group of people with disability identified an issue/barrier they wanted to have changed and then worked together to fine tune their presentation/pitch in 7 minutes so that the listener knew what needed to be done.

Sometimes we are so tired from a barrier/issue that we tell the whole story and the listener isn’t sure about what needs to be done. In this workshop you will fine tune your message.

Its fantastic to watch people pitch their issue/experience to a politician and or journalist.

Developing your Pitch will be delivered by facilitators Robin Banks, Rodney Croome and Richard Witbreuk.

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    The biggest piece of new knowledge for me is that I can sit in a group like this and feel a sense of belonging. Then, that there is a community of others out there who might understand me, and even support me.

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    I believe telling my own story not only helps me explain myself to people who may not understand me or the barriers I face in my daily engagements with the world as it is currently structured.

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    My journey in learning to tell my story and feeling the healing and empowering effects of that on my life, and observing the educational benefits to others and the incremental changes it has made in institutions and workplaces I have been involved in, has also been heavily influenced by watching the courage of others telling their story, and watching and listening for things in their story, that also relate specifically to me, and my story.

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    I was shy last week so I didn’t speak. But this week I can.

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Did you know Disability Pride is celebrated in Europe, UK, and USA every June?

We recently announced the upcoming Conversations About Disability Pride Project across Tasmania. it is about people with disability coming together by choice. It is a celebration of our contribution and our diversity. It’s celebrating independence and interdependence. Presenting ourselves as respectful, full citizens. The days of pity have gone.

Conversation workshops as where explore what disability pride means to online and face-to-face in the South, Northwest, and North of the state. We will also be creative and use different ways of expressing our selves through art in many forms online and at face-to-face workshops.

I want to sign up to Conversations about Disability Pride Project:office@disabilityvoicestas.org.au

This project will run from July until December 2022. This this project includes 24 hours of online mentored training that will improve your communication skills, provide you with an increased understanding about prejudice, discrimination and inclusive language and behaviour and the tools to prevent biased decision-making in workplaces. A Community Educator Certificate will be your result!

To find out more please email to register your interest. Limited places available.

Email office@disabilityvoicestas.org.au to learn more about free participation in these Tasmanian projects for people with disability.

We acknowledge we live and work on Aboriginal land, land of the palawa people of lutruwita (Tasmania). We pay our respects to elders past and present, and to the emerging leaders who continue the work of caring for country and fighting for rights and recognition.

Tag line suggestions:

Empowering people with disability to use their voices.

Harnessing the power of one common voice to effect meaningful change for a just society.

We will find common ground to make our communities inclusive and welcoming to all.

Are you interested in podcasting ?

Do you have a favourite podcast?

Podcasting has roles for everyone Planning, Interviewing, Sound, Editing, Artwork, and Promoting.

The group has a maximum of 10 people

The Disability Voices Tasmania team and facilitator Clint Bertenshaw, a skilled podcaster and radio producer facilitate a set of online and face-to-face workshops

Broadcasting Your Voice II will be running from September 2022, so please email office@disabilityvoicestas.org.au to register your interest. Limited places available.

Email office@disabilityvoicestas.org.au to learn more about free participation in these projects for people with disability.


office@disabilityvoicestas.org.au to learn more about free participation in these projects for people with disability.



    Disability Voices Tasmania is a new community organisation run by people with disability working with people with disability, families and allies to build a collective voice.